Capital Due Diligence We Want You Growth

Peppermint Capital is a generalist principal investor in, and acquiror of, private mid-sized Australian businesses valuing between $1m – $10m.

We operate on a mandate from our shareholders and funding partners, (as well as occasionally on mandates from local and international listed entities looking for industry specific acquisitions).

We seek business owners looking for a full exit, or an opportunity to unlock part of their shareholding. We structure deals that suit each shareholder’s unique requirements.

We favour two types of transactions, namely:-

  1. Owners looking to build critical mass to achieve a higher exit multiple on their business within a 2-5 year horizon. These transactions bring us in as equity partners so as to align our mutual interests in achieving the end goal as efficiently and effectively as possible. Having navigated this path many times, our contribution is typically in providing strategic input and direction, as required, which may include assisting with a buy and build strategy, strengthening management, introducing debt and equity partners, seeking out suitable trade and listed acquirors, and ultimately negotiating an exit that maximises shareholder returns.
  2. Owners of businesses that have already achieved critical mass looking for assistance in maximising the exit value to trade or listed acquirors over the short term. We do not charge fees but will invest our time and expertise at risk, confident of our abilities in achieving a mutually beneficial exit value above an agreed hurdle valuation. In these sort of transactions, the business owners are able to benefit from our network and private equity expertise gained over decades of transactions, which allows us to prepare, position and competitively market the business to larger trade buyers, listed entities, foreign acquirers or institutional private equity funds.

In addition, we maintain a register of industry experienced managers that we can draw upon to back into our transactions, if appropriate. This is of particular relevance where one or more of the exiting shareholders has an executive role.

Our objective in each transaction is to create value so as to maximise shareholder returns on the sale of the business.

We are particularly interested in speaking with:-

  • business owners looking for full or partial capital release
  • business owners looking to retire
  • under performing businesses looking for strategic partners
  • business owners looking to prepare their companies for sale
  • managers looking to Buy Out current shareholders
  • managers looking to Buy-In to businesses
  • funding partners looking to participate in our transactions