Growth and Exit Strategies

Peppermint Capital partners with business owners looking to enhance the equity value of their shareholding through implementing an acquisition and/or exit strategy. Before entering into any acquisition, we look to clearly identify the exit options for the investment, including the likely trade purchasers in the sector, both listed and private, as well as the industry specific financial acquirors. Having identified a range of potential acquirors, we then work closely with the management and shareholders to formulate a growth strategy that will allow the business to achieve critical mass so as to be an attractive acquisition for these acquirors.

The growth strategy focuses on the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats in respect of the business, and ensures that the most suitable management is in place to executive the plan. Besides the organic growth plan, potential smaller bolt on acquisitions in the sector are also considered on an ad hoc basis during the implementation of the growth strategy.

As such, we are always interested to meet with professional managers, that have a proven track record of having achieved significant growth in an industry over a 3 – 5 year period. We recognise the significant equity uplift in shareholder value to be had by introducing high impact, industry experienced managers to our transactions.

Alternatively, should you feel that your business could benefit from some of our strategic support and direction, we would also be available to assist in this regard.

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